Nourish to Thrive

Empowering women over 40 to thrive using the power of nutrition to optimise gut health, reduce stress and beat burnout!

6 week package

Rebalance your gut

Ready to bid farewell to those pesky gut issues and reclaim your vitality? If you’ve ever felt bloated, sluggish, or uncomfortable, you’re in the right place. Our gut plays a vital role in our overall health, influencing everything from our immune system to our mood.

But with today’s fast-paced lifestyle & dietary choices, it’s easy for our gut balance to get thrown off track. Learn how to restore that balance and nourish your gut so you feel fabulous from the inside out!

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Refuel your body

Are you tired of feeling like you’re running on empty, constantly battling stress and fatigue? Stress depletes many vital nutrients so it is no surprise we end up depleted with all life’s challenges. 

You might reach for more comfort foods, caffeine or snacks just to get through the day. But after the sugar hit has worn off, you just feel worse than before.  Learn how to refuel your body and reduce stress naturally. Goodbye  burnout and hello renewed energy!

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Restore your energy

 Ready to reignite your energy and crush stress? Fed up of feeling constantly tired and drained? Is the lack of sleep, brain fog and inability to focus affecting your day-to-day life? Have your lost your zest for life?

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed or finding it hard to keep up with the demands of daily life? Learn how to naturally boost your energy and recharge your batteries! It’s time to reclaim your spark and live life to the fullest!

Beat the Bloat Recipes

Fed up of bloating after eating?

Indulge in 15 recipes to help you “Beat the Bloat” created by a Registered Nutritionist. Enjoy creating meals the whole family will love, reducing the hassle of cooking separately.

Wave goodbye to kitchen chaos with easy-breezy breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners with minimal prep time. No food tribe left behind! Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian, dive into a world of flavourful recipes!

About Emma

Welcome to Emma Davies Wellbeing!

Hi I’m Emma, a Registered Nutritionist, Associate Naturopath & Reiki Master Teacher

From personal health struggles, I found the keys to wellness in nutrition, lifestyle changes, energy healing, and natural supplements. Now, I’m on a mission to share this journey with you, guiding you towards your own vibrant health and vitality. I specialise in empowering women over 40 to reset their gut health, conquer stress and kick burnout to the curb!

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Ways we can work together


Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans focus on supercharging your vitality through bespoke dietary changes, targeted supplementation and  naturopathic techniques. By addressing the root cause of your gut or hormone imbalances, our programmes empower you to reclaim control of your health, fuel your body and correct any nutritional deficiencies.

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Functional Testing

Dietary and lifestyle choices have a massive impact on our gut health and hormone balance. So it’s a no-brainer to use functional testing to enable us to quickly pinpoint the root cause of your symptoms. Eliminating guesswork offers you the certainty and peace of mind you are looking for. From there, we can consider the best options and expertly guide your next steps.

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Energy Healing

Whether you are seeking stress relief, relaxation, mental calmness or physical pain relief, Reiki offers a solution. Enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation, better sleep, improved emotional well-being and recharged vitality. Stress packs a punch on our gut health and hormone balance, so keeping levels in check with energy healing is key for a healthier, happier you.

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