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Helping women use the power of nutrition to balance hormones and restore their gut health, naturally…

Balanced hormones-Nutritionist

Rebalance your hormones

 Do you feel moody, irrational or generally out of control?

Or exhausted, flat and fed up?

Or maybe you’ve put on weight you just can’t shift?

Even small imbalances can cause PMT, painful or irregular periods, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid conditions or menopausal symptoms. It’s not you, it’s your hormones and with the right dietary changes, you can get back in control of your health. 


Refuel your body

Stress depletes many vital nutrients needed for energy production so it is no surprise our energy levels plummet when life gets tough.

 You might reach for more comfort foods and snacks just to get through the day. But processed foods and sugar lead to poor gut health, hormone imbalances and unstable blood sugar which impact our mood & energy.

Discover how to fuel your body to balance your hormones, regain your calm and feel energised.

Improved energy-Nutritionist

Restore your energy

Are you fed up of feeling constantly tired or exhausted?

Is the lack of sleep, brain fog and inability to focus affecting your day-to-day life?

Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed with daily life but don’t have the energy to change things?

Fatigue and low energy are common complaints. Learn how to naturally boost your energy and recharge your batteries!

About Emma

Welcome to Emma Davies Wellbeing

Hi I’m Emma, a registered Nutritional Therapist, Associate Naturopath and Reiki Master Teacher.

After struggling to find the help I needed to support my own health issues, I discovered that I could turn things around using nutrition, lifestyle, energy healing and natural supplements. Now I help women balance their hormones, restore their gut health and boost their energy so they feel like themselves again.

Supporting women’s health and wellbeing, naturally…

Are you fed up of not feeling yourself and ready to turn your health around?

Do you?

Feel stressed out, tired most of the time or lack energy?

Find you regularly have disturbed sleep or are awake in the night?

Have digestive issues that stop you from living your life to the full?

Get fed up with mood swings which make you feel like you're going mad?

Struggle to get going in the morning despite a good sleep?

Not feel like your old self and have lost your zest for life?

Put up with almost poor digestion and constant tummy ache?

Notice you are often teary for no particular reason?

Regularly forget what you are doing or suffer from brain fog?

Suffer from PMS, painful or irregular periods?

Chances are you’ve got a to-do list as long as your arm and life is hectic. But the constant lack of energy and focus make it all seem IMPOSSIBLE….your emotions are all over the place and we can experience all kinds symptoms as our bodies become unbalanced.

You’d love to be full of energy, bouncing out of bed in the morning but instead you’re reaching for a coffee just to get going.

You want to be less grumpy and have more patience with your loved ones but the constant cycle of exhaustion, niggling symptoms and mood swings is hard to break.

Do you feel like you don’t know what’s happening to your body?

I specialise in hormones and digestive health, helping women of all ages find balance and relief from their symptoms, naturally…
Our diet, lifestyle and stress plays havoc with our hormones, digestion and energy levels, causing a huge range of symptoms. Don’t suffer in silence, with the right nutrition and lifestyle changes you can feel better than ever!


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How we can work together


Nutritional Therapy

Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans can help restore your vitality through dietary changes, supplements and naturopathic techniques. Addressing the root cause of hormone imbalances rather than suppressing symptoms gets you back in control of your health again and corrects any nutritional deficiencies. 


Functional Testing

With so many hormones impacted by our diets and lifestyle, functional testing can help get us establish the root cause of your symptoms quicker. It removes the guess work and provides you the reassurance you need. Once we know areas of weakness, we can explore your options more effectively.

Life Coach-Bournemouth

Health Coaching

Life can bring up so many challenges and its easy to feel overwhelmed when you have so much going on. You may feel you are struggling to cope or feel completely burnt out. Coaching helps create a positive mindset and healthy ways of coping with everyday stresses that drain your energy to help you rebalance mentally and restore calm.


Energy Healing

Discover how healing energy can help relieve fatigue, improve emotional wellbeing and restore your vitality.  Whether you want to reduce your stress, calm your mind, ease physical pain or balance your energy levels, Reiki can help. Stress has a big impact on hormone balance and reducing levels can support our overall health and wellbeing.

Helping women find balance and relief from their symptoms, naturally…

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