The Gut Reset Method

About Emma

Welcome to The Gut Reset Method!

A personalised 12-week HIGH LEVEL programme for women experiencing bloating, digestive discomfort, IBS or other gut health concerns. Say goodbye to pain and embarrassing symptoms, and reclaim a life filled with confidence and happiness!

Does this sound familiar…

You want to scream as even tiny amounts of food make you bloat so much you look 6 months pregnant

You’re embarrassed by unpredictable bowel movements and fed up of your life revolving around searching for a loo

You’re feeling overwhelmed as you’ve tried every diet & supplement out there but nothing makes a difference

Your social life is reduced to you and your hot water bottle on the sofa leaving you lonely and at an all time low

You feel fat and frumpy as you can’t fit into any of your clothes thanks to your bloated tummy

Your lack of sleep from 2am toilet dashes and constant pain has left you exhausted, miserable and with zero energy

You feel let down by medical professionals who say your test results are normal & you’ll just have to live with it

You can’t remember the last time you ate foods you love and feel trapped in a cycle of boring, restrictive diets

You feel anxious and isolated as you’re always cancelling plans or meals out in fear of a flareup

This was me too!
I’ve been exactly where you are right now 

I suffered with digestive issues for over 10 years. I know first-hand how frustrating, depressing and time consuming it is trying to find solutions for your symptoms. The constant nagging pains, bloating and never knowing when I’d need to rush to the loo began to take its toll. My quality of life was rapidly deteriorating and my social life was non-existent.

After being told by doctors all my tests looked “normal” and there was nothing they could do to help me, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find out what was really going on. I retrained as a Nutritional Therapist and learnt how to restore my gut health and stop my symptoms for good!

Today I am symptom free, living life to the full. I’m on a mission to help women like YOU living a life ruled by digestive issues become symptom free to guarantee you’re living life on your terms. 

It’s time to take action…

STOP dreaming about the life you wish you had and START living the life you deserve

Now imagine this…

You’re finally bloat free, comfortable and able to wear your favourite clothes again

You’re confident to eat in restaurants again, no longer restricted by what foods you can or cannot eat

You’re more positive about life as you’re rid of constant anxiety about your tummy

You no longer dread having a relapse when you’re out

You have a new sense of freedom able to go out at any time and don’t feel trapped indoors

You’re socialising, enjoying time with friends, family and going on holiday without fear of where the nearest loo is

You’re in control of your gut health and digestion because you know exactly how to prevent any flare-ups

You’re able to sleep like a baby again pain-free, waking up full of energy and able to get stuff done

The Gut Reset Method will give you the knowledge, know-how and confidence that’ll ensure you live your life free of digestive symptoms!

“I contacted Emma as I had been suffering from IBS bloat for longer than I could remember and nothing I had tried was working.

With some simple changes to my diet and lifestyle, along with a thorough reset of my gut bacteria, I feel SO much better.

Not only do I have a much flatter tummy but I have also been sleeping much better and my energy levels have significantly improved.

I’m so happy to feel like my old self again!”

“My life was plagued by pain and constipation and the unpredictability was beginning to impact my mood.

After working with Emma for several months, I’m now have regular bowel movements and no longer fear being caught short when out and about!

This programme has honestly changed my life!”

Here’s what you’ll learn during 12 weeks of powerful 1:1 coaching

The Gut Reset Method

The secret to waving goodbye to bloating forever so your feel confident in your favourite clothes again

Learn how to easily remove foods that trigger your symptoms and still nourish your body’s unique needs

How to stop unpredictable bowel movements so discomfort becomes a thing of the past

Uncover how to repair your gut health with the right pre and probiotics to guarantee less pain and bloating

How to set yourself up for success to find long lasting relief from your digestive symptoms

The secret to becoming stress and anxiety free, back in control of your emotions

Uncover how to wake up full of energy so you stop feeling tired and exhausted all the time

The ultimate way to remove your fear around eating out so you never have to worry about a relapse again

How to feel confident about reintroducing new foods and reignite your love of food again, free from restrictions



Initial 75 minute consultation to take a deep dive in your health and symptoms


6 x 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls with WhatsApp/email support in-between


Comprehensive health assessment, taking into account your medical history, family history and diet diary


Personalised diet and lifestyle plan, tweaked as necessary throughout your programme


Bespoke toolkit including handouts, worksheets and recipes to inspire and empower you


Recommendations for functional laboratory testing with full interpretation and analysis (test charged separately)


Recommendations for supplements with 10% client discount (charged separately)

About Emma

Hi, I’m Emma

I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist who helps women just like you free themselves of life limiting digestive symptoms. I’ll help you get crystal clear on why your tummy troubles have been taking over your life AND you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success with long lasting relief from your symptoms. You’ll have an easy actionable strategy and plan to guarantee you’re living your life to the max again.


Who is The Gut Reset Method for?

The Gut Reset Method is for women with chronic digestive issues who want to find long lasting relief from their symptoms so they can live a full life free of restrictions and limitations, happy and confident again.

You may have tried to change your diet and use supplements but nothing has worked and you are looking for professional support.

You may have been suffering for a long time with little to no support from mainstream medicine and are looking for a more natural approach.

You may have recently been diagnosed with a digestive condition such as IBS, Crohn’s disease or acid reflux.

This isn’t for you if…

.You’re someone who wants a quick, temporary fix without having to put in the work.

You’re not 100% committed to saying goodbye to your IBS symptoms.

How is this programme different from all the others on the market?

I know exactly how you feel having experienced a whole range of digestive issues for many many years. I have been exactly where you are now and I know how you want to feel.

The Gut Reset Method is not a generic cookie cutter one size fits all program.  This is a high level PERSONALISED program specifically designed around your body’s needs to relieve your symptoms. It takes into account the whole body, not just your gut health to ensure the Nutrition and Lifestyle plans are targeted to meet your own unique requirements.

What is the investment to join The Gut Reset Method?

The investment is £795

Payment plans are available: 3 monthly instalments of £265.


How do I apply?

Apply HERE for GutReset 90.


Is Functional Testing included?

No, testing is charged separately. I will recommend the most appropriate testing for you if I think you’d benefit during the programme. Full interpretation of your results is included. 

Are supplements included in The Gut Reset Method?

No, supplements are charged as extra

Action takers feel like this.