Manage your menopause

Balance your mind, body and soul with my bespoke hormone balancing package for your menopause journey

Menopause is an unavoidable phase of life that all women go through. However, for many, this natural process is a time of anxiety and distress due to the huge range of symptoms that can appear. Some women find that menopause causes them few issues, perhaps a little warm at times or a few aches and pains, whereas others suffer multiple debilitating symptoms.

For some women the loss of reproductive ability may be deeply felt and for all women the menopause is a personal experience. But any woman who has been through it knows that there’s much more to it than simply a physical process that a woman’s body goes through that marks the end of her reproductive years. Menopause is a time of great changes not only to the body but to the mind and soul as well. It’s a journey that allows us to come into our own as women. It affects us on many levels which is why I’ve created a package that addresses healing on a mind, body and soul level

So how does this work?

As a woman who has been through it myself, I understand that menopause is about much more than just the physical changes, and that’s why I’ve combined all aspects of health that affect our wellbeing – mind, body and soul – to provide a holistic approach to your menopause journey. There is a wider transition involved in menopause which impacts us at a much deeper level than simply the usually discussed symptoms.

There is so much more to menopause than we often think. Yes, it is a body transition, but it is also an emotional and soul transition as well. 

We are all unique and our menopause is no different. No menopause is the same and our hormones are extremely sensitive which is why you need a personalised menopause package to support your own unique requirements through this stage of life. They can be disrupted by the slightest physical or psychological change but your dietary and lifestyle choices can support you through the rollercoaster that is menopause!

Focusing your mindset in a positive way will help you gain clarity about the next phase of your life. And resetting your energetic balance with Reiki helps remove blocks and negative attachments that have been contributing to your symptoms.

Woman Menopause

Manage your Menopause

8 weeks £395

Do you want to thrive in during your perimenopause and menopause but don’t know where to start?

Are you in your late 30s, 40s or 50s looking for more energy, less mood swings, reduced food cravings, less brain fog, more stable weight, glossy hair and clear skin?

Then this package is for YOU!

What’s included:

    • Pre-consultation analysis of your food diary, questionnaire, health history, test results and medical reports
    • 1 x 75-90 minute initial consultation
    • In-depth research into your symptoms and health history (1 hour outside your consultation)
    • Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan
    • 2 x 60 minute or 4 x 30 minute follow-up consultations
    • 1 x 60 minute Reiki treatment to help you relax and balance your hormones (in-person or remote)
    • Worksheets to help you create a positive mindset and create your wellness vision
    • Copy of my eBook “How to manage your menopause, naturally”
    • Supplement recommendations with 10% discount
    • Advice on any functional laboratory testing and analysis of results
    • “Quick query” email support during the package

What you eat, think and feel all affect your menopause symptoms

Any private testing or supplements are at an additional cost. Follow-up consultations can be added to the above for £50 for 30 minutes.

Prices reflect non face-to-face time spent analysing your food, diary, questionnaire and information gained during your consultation, researching your case and preparing your Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan. 

Find the balance in your menopause 


Does your brain feel likes it on meno-pause? Menopause affects your mind causing brain fog, fuzzy thinking, forgetfulness and confusion. Many women find themselves irritable or moody during this time in their lives as menopause hormones affect the brain too. But what’s happening, and why? In a word, the answer is “hormones.”

The constant change of hormone levels can have a troubling effect on emotions and an entire range of unexpected behaviours can emerge. You might burst into tears at the slightest thing or suddenly feel full of rage for no real reason. Nothing seems to make any sense but you’re not losing your mind. You may feel like you’re losing the plot but you’re OK.

Emotional Symptoms

Mood swings, nervousness, anxiety, anger, irritability, depression, reduced libido, difficulty concentrating, tiredness, brain-fog, lack of motivation, forgetfulness, aggressiveness, crying for no reason, loss of self-esteem or confidence, low mood, mood changes, sadness, tension, don’t feel like yourself anymore.


The menopause is a natural stage of life where your hormones and body are in flux. Have you ever thought what’s happening to my body or feel like your body is no longer your own? With over 34 different symptoms, it is easy to see why it’s often referred to as ‘puberty’s evil big sister!’

Your menopause experience can be affected by so many other things such as blood sugar imbalances, impaired gut health, dehydration or poor liver detoxification. Menopause is a normal phase of a woman’s life so when problems arise it is often because of imbalances that have developed before and during perimenopause. And the greater the imbalances, the more severe your symptoms will be.

Physical Symptoms

Irregular periods, hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness or itching, breast tenderness, weight gain, headaches, dizziness, palpitations, tingling or itching sensation, dry hair, muscular & joint pain, increased UTI’s, bladder control issues, insomnia, fatigue, increased facial hair, digestive issues, bloating or nausea.


Menopause often coincides with increased stressors from children leaving home, aging parents and increased responsibilities at work. As you address these changes in your life, you may start to question the meaning and purpose of your life. Menopause occurs around midlife, an ideal time to stop and look at your life and ask some tough questions.

Am I happy with the decisions I’ve made? Am I happy with who I am? It’s an opportunity to look at regrets, heartaches, and unfulfilled dreams, as well as all the accomplishments in your life so far. Entering this stage in life is often considered an ending, when in fact, it brings a chance to start your next chapter.

Spiritual Symptoms

Feeling the ‘motherhood’ days are over, fear of growing old, a loss of purpose, lack of clarity or direction, loss of sense of self, low self-esteem or confidence, loss of identity, no longer feeling desirable, feeling old or “past it”, feelings of diminished usefulness or worthiness, feeling invisible, lost your zest for life.

Take back control of your body and embrace your menopause!