The Re-energise Method

About Emma

Welcome to The Re-energise Method!

A personalised 12-week HIGH LEVEL programme for women experiencing ongoing low energy, fatigue, chronic stress or burnout. Say goodbye to constant fatigue and hello to a life filled with renewed energy and vitality!

Does this sound familiar…

You wake up feeling exhausted and worn out every morning no matter how much sleep you get

You feel like you're constantly running on empty, with the 3pm energy slump a daily event

Your concentration and focus have left the building , replaced with constant brainfog

You constanly feel "wired & tired" and struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep

You feel like you're dragging yourself through every day and barely keeping your head above water

You're overwhelmed by even the smallest tasks and it's starting to affect your work and relationships

You feel like stress and exhaustion are taking over your life, leaving you drained and fatigued

You feel you irritable and moody all the time, lacking the patience to deal with minor setbacks

You're fed up with feeling sluggish and unmotivated, unable to enjoy life to the fullest

You just want to feel like yourself again, with energy to be able to do all the things you enjoy

This was me too!
I’ve been exactly where you are right now 

I’ve experienced the challenges of living with fatigue, stress and burnout first hand. My journey began in the fast-paced world of the corporate sector, where the relentless demands of work and life took a toll on my health. Despite my efforts to find a balance, I found myself caught in a cycle of exhaustion, overwhelmed by constant stress.

It wasn’t until I reached a breaking point, experiencing debilitating fatigue and burnout, that I realised I needed to prioritise my own health and wellbeing. Determined to regain my vitality, I retrained as a Nutritional Therapist and learnt how to restore balance in my body to stop my symptoms for good!

Today I am symptom free, living life to the full. I’m on a mission to guide women like YOU living a life ruled by fatigue, stress and burnout on a path to renewed energy and resilience, helping you thrive in every aspect of your life.

Lost your sparkle?

Do you wish you could BREAK FREE from the cycle of stress and fatigue, and RECLAIM your vitality

Now imagine this…

You feel energised from the moment you wake up, ready to tackle each day with enthusiasm

You have sustained energy throughout the day, levels, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

You feel recharged and revitalized, with the energy to enjoy all the things that bring you joy and happiness

You're more alert and focused, with mental clarity that allows you to take on any challenge the day throws at you

Your productivity inceases and you feel empowered to take on new challenges with confidence

Your mood and emotional wellbeing are supercharged, leaving you more balanced and resilient in the face of stress

You have a newfound sense of calm and resilience, as you're no longer overwhelmed by stress and exhaustion

You notice a ripple effect of energy spreading into every area of your life, from work and relationships to self-care.

Your mood and outlook on life improve as you embrace each day with enthusiasm and vitality

You feel fully alive and vibrant again, as you rediscover your zest for life

The Re-energise Method will give you the knowledge, know-how and confidence that’ll ensure you get your sparkle back!

“I’d been feeling overwhelmed by stress for years and started to notice signs of burnout. I was miserable, exhausted and had no idea if I would ever get better.

However, working with Emma for a few months has been transformative. I’ve learned valuable stress management techniques and regained my resilience. I’m no longer overwhelmed, much calmer and have loads of energy again!

I’m so grateful for the support and would highly recommend this programme to anyone suffering with stress and burnout.”

“Before I worked with Emma, I had absolutely no energy and debilitating fatigue, which made even the smallest tasks feel impossible. All I wanted to do was lie down and sleep!

When I started to implement the changes Emma recommended, I started to notice I wasn’t crashing every afternoon. My energy levels improved week on week and I started feeling like myself again!

Now, I wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to take on the day. If have low energy or fatigue, I wholeheartedly recommend this programme—it’s a game-changer!

Here’s what you’ll learn during 12 weeks of powerful 1:1 coaching

The Re-Energise Method

The secret to waving goodbye to sluggishness forever so you embrace each day with renewed zest

Learn how to Identifying triggers and patterns that contribute to low energy levels

How to nourish your body with nutrient-dense foods so fatigue becomes a thing of the past

Uncover how to balance your blood sugar levels to prevent energy crashes and spikes

How to set yourself up for success to find long lasting relief from burnout with stress-reducing techniques

The secret to becoming stress and anxiety free, back in control of your emotions

Uncover healthy sleep habits which promote restorative rest so you wake up full of energy

Learn how to implement lifestyle adjustments so you better manage stress and prevent burnout

The ultimate way to regulate your nervous system so you never have to worry about a relapse again

How to build resilience and coping mechanisms to help navigate life's challenges with ease



Initial 75 minute consultation to take a deep dive in your health and symptoms


6 x 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls with WhatsApp/email support in-between


Comprehensive health assessment, taking into account your medical history, family history and diet diary


Personalised diet and lifestyle plan, tweaked as necessary throughout your programme


Bespoke toolkit including handouts, worksheets and recipes to inspire and empower you


Recommendations for functional laboratory testing with full interpretation and analysis (test charged separately)


Recommendations for supplements with 10% client discount (charged separately)

About Emma

Hi, I’m Emma

I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist who helps women just like you free themselves of life limiting fatigue and impacts of chronic stress. I’ll help you get crystal clear on why your energy levels have crashed AND you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success with long lasting relief from your symptoms. You’ll have an easy actionable strategy and plan to guarantee you get your mojo back and you’re living your life to the max again.


Who is The Re-energise Method for?

The Re-energise Method is for women with low energy levels, fatigue, chronic stress or complete burnout who want to find long lasting relief from their symptoms so they can say farewell to fatigue and feel rejuvenated and calm, with newfound stamina throughout the day

You may have tried to change your diet and use supplements but nothing has worked and you are looking for professional support.

You may have been suffering for a long time with little to no support from mainstream medicine and are looking for a more natural approach.

You may have recently been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, ME, stress, burnout or adrenal fatigue.

This isn’t for you if…

You’re someone who wants a quick, temporary fix without having to put in the work.

You’re not 100% committed to improving your health and vitality.

How is this programme different from all the others on the market?

I know exactly how you feel having experienced chronic fatigue, ongoing stress and burnout for many many years. I have been exactly where you are now and I know how you want to feel.

The Re-energise Method is not a generic cookie cutter one size fits all program.  This is a high level PERSONALISED program specifically designed around your body’s needs to rebalance your body and support nervous system regulation. It provides your body with the nourishment it needs to restore energy levels and vitality. Nutrition and Lifestyle plans are targeted to meet your own unique requirements and implemented in easy, actionable steps so you never feel overwhelmed.

What is the investment to join The Re-energise Method?

The investment is £795

Payment plans are available: 3 monthly instalments of £265.


How do I apply?

Apply HERE for The Re-energise Method.


Is Functional Testing included?

No, testing is charged separately. I will recommend the most appropriate testing for you if I think you’d benefit during the programme. Full interpretation of your results is included. 

Are supplements included in The Re-energise Method?

No, supplements are charged as extra

The Re-energise Method


Nourish and recharge your body with the right foods to provide you with more energy to cope with your busy life


Address any nutrient or biochemical imbalances which might be contributing to your low energy and symptoms


Bring calm back into your life by improving your sleep, relaxation and rest to help reduce your stress levels


Increase your energy levels through regular gentle movement and calming naturopathic techniques 

Ready to recharge your energy levels?